Monday, July 6, 2009

Soda Pop Cake

From: Weight Watchers Message Board
12 pieces/4 points each - 24 cupcakes/ about 2 points each


1 box dry cake mix -- any flavor
10 ounces diet soda -- any flavor
2 egg whites -- slightly beaten, optional but cake stays together better and is fluffier

Mix the dry cake mix, the diet soda, and the egg whites until well blended. Pour into a 9 X 13 sprayed pan or prepared cupcake tins. Cook according to the directions on cake mix box.

Diet Soda Cake Combination Ideas:
angel or yellow cake w/ diet orange
banana cake mix w/ diet root beer
cherry chip cake w/ diet Cream soda
chocolate cake w/ diet cherry soda
chocolate cake or devils food w/ diet cola
chocolate cake w/ diet vanilla coke
chocolate cake w/ diet root beer
chocolate cake w/ diet cherry coke
chocolate cake w/diet Dr Pepper berry & creme
devils food cake w/ diet Vanilla coke
lemon cake mix w/ diet 7-up
lemon cake w/ diet ginger ale
lemon w/diet lemon
lemon w/ tangerine Diet Rite
marble cake w/ diet cream soda
orange cake w/diet Mountain Dew
pineapple cake w/ diet Squirt
red velvet w/ diet cherry vanilla Dr Pepper
spice cake w/ diet lemon-lime
spice cake mix w/ diet orange
strawberry cake mix w/ diet sprite
white cake w/ diet ginger ale
white w/ diet orange
white cake w/diet peach
white cake mix w/ diet sprite
yellow cake w/ diet orange

We have not tried all the varieties, but the ones we have tried were yummy. You can try any combination that sounds good to you.
This cake is very moist. Be sure to refrigerate any leftovers as it molds quickly.

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