Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Finger Foods...

My local Mothers's of Multiples Club had a question come up recently about ideas for first finger foods. While, I am past that stage now, I thought it would be a good compilation for at least a few readers of this blog. Here are the responses...please comment with your own additions.

  • bananas or avocado coated in crushed cheerios or wheat germ for easier handling
  • cheerios
  • diced fruit
  • Baby puffs
  • toasted bread and bagels
  • spiral pasta
  • cooked veggies
  • cheese
  • Pirates Booty
  • lunch meats
  • black beans cut in half
  • Baby Mum Mums
  • tofu
  • sweet potato fries
  • waffles

1 comment:

The Nail News said...

got a button-----it's up on my blog! you are inspiring me to get more creative!!!


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