Monday, July 12, 2010

Gettin' Creative

For a while now, I have been inspired by blogs like this that highlight adorable, healthy and waste free lunches.  After lurking on the sites, I have finally decided that this is something I could easily do.  So, I am revamping my blog a bit to include such lunch ideas.
I've been adding just small amounts of creativity to the boys meals for the past week or so and I have noticed quite a difference.  They actually touch items that before they would ignore.  It's always been a priority for me to teach my children about healthy eating habits.  Helping them at an early age to make 'healthy choices' and have correct ideas of portion sizes.  It encourages me to give them more variety and therefore more exposure to things I would like for them to develop a taste for.  It's simple, fun and actually very enjoyable for me. I am really looking forward to finding new foods we all love and expanding their pallets slowly and intentionally.

 These bento blogs traditionally include arranging food in adorable little specialty boxes for school and work lunches.  Since I have 2 year olds, eating mostly at home, the boxes are not necessary for us yet.  Also, for now we'll be lacking some of the fun skewers and such...we're still mastering forks and spoons.  However, as they grow, so will the meals we share.

I hope you can find some fun, easy inspiration for your child's lunch.  As with everything on this blog, simple is the key.  I am a busy mom...I get it.

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