Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Under the Sea

Today's very quick lunch consisted of:
  • Some cantaloupe (left over from last night's dinner)
  • Some pasta salad (I made this yesterday so the hubby and I could have a quick, easy meal tonight before I have some girls over for my mom's Bible study)
  • A whale shaped grilled cheese (the first use of my Lunch Punch Animal Shape Sandwich Cutters (Set of 4)
  • And my attempt at cutting some cucumbers into fish.  I'm still growing in my collection of tools and I don't have any little cutters.  I just got out a paring knife and did the best I could :)


Cristy said...

I like how you put it all on a blue plate for the "water". And I think your fish are fine. I bet your boys enjoyed them just fine. Did you notice them eating the grilled cheese any more or less because of the shape?

Mama Monkey said...

Yes & no :)

J (who usually eats 1/2 a sandwich) actually ate 2 1/2 'whales,' but T (who never eats much) was a little freaked out by it and asked for 'regular' grilled cheese.


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