Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In My Kitchen - Shoe Rack :)

Like most people, I have a pretty simple/standard kitchen.  However, there is one thing you that when seen, often gets peoples attention.  I picked up this gem of an idea somewhere years ago and I will never be without it again.  

I have a shoe rack attached to the inside of my pantry door!

Let me tell you for a moment how fantastic this is :)  
You can put just about anything in it and use it however you need to!  

Here is how I use it...It frees up space on my pantry shelves, helps me to actually be able to see and find random items, keeps open bags from spilling all over & even helps us waste less food.  Whenever I get toward the bottom of a box of individually wrapped items, instead of having the entire box with 1 or 2 things in it, the items go in a pocket in the door.  Those little packets of seasoning, gravy/soup mix, sugar substitute, etc., they all have a home.  Open bags of chocolate chips, brown sugar, rice, etc., they get a twist at the top of the bag, then placed twist side spilling and no spoiling!

This is by far the best use of a few bucks & 2 screws (make sure you're screws are short enough to not go out the front side of the door).  If you are looking for a way to get more organization in your kitchen, maybe you should give this a try!

Have another good organizational tip...please share!!


Kristina said...

That is a great idea!

ApronTails said...

Fantastic!!! Brilliant!! All I can say :)

Alisa said...

What a great idea!I always have a hard time going through my pantry, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

Lori Summers said...

This is a great idea!! I have so many small things and packets of stuff...I will definitely give this a try!! Thanks for the idea!!

Raji P. said...

Beyond brilliant!

Petite Sable said...

This is genius! If only I had a pantry door that opened out...


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