About Me

I am not a gourmet chef, just a mom trying to keep 2 little boy tummies & one daddy tummy full. Most of my recipes are fairly easy and not too time consuming. I do enjoy cooking, but I would rather spend my time with all the guys in my life.

After being inspired by other bloggers that highlight adorable, healthy and waste free lunches, I began adding creative lunch ideas in July 2010. These bento lunches traditionally include arranging food in adorable little specialty boxes for school and work lunches.  Since I have 2 year olds, eating mostly at home, the boxes are not necessary for us yet.  Also, for now we'll be lacking some of the fun skewers and such...we're still mastering forks and spoons.  However, as they grow, so will the meals we share.

Every recipe you see here has been tried by my family (with a few exceptions) and is something we are willing to eat again. I hope you can find some fun, easy inspiration for your family meals and your children's lunches.  As with everything on this blog, simple is the key.  I am a busy mom...I get it. Feel free to try them yourself! Leave us a comment or send an email to feedmymonkeys@gmail.com and tell us what you think!

Note:  I am not a red meat eater, so you will probably never see a recipe call for red meat. Many of the recipes work well with other meats, you'll just have to make the swap.


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